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Houston Idependent School District

HISD I.T Upgrade

HISD I.T Upgrade


With 279 schools and over 203,000 students, Houston Independent School District (HISD) is the largest school district in

Texas. With a major need for a district wide upgrade in their technology infrastructure, HISD applied and was awarded

E-rate funds for 200 schools to completely upgrade the schools network infrastructure. With a timeline of less then 1 year, 200 schools had to be completely re-wired and new IT infrastructure needed to be installed.


With team of certified IT Infrastructure designers and

installers, MCA designed and implemented a project plan that would bring 200 schools

up to the latest standards in network infrastructure. The solution consisted of new high

performance CAT6 copper cabling for all of the classrooms, library’s and

computers labs as well as fiber optic backbone through out the school. Since ,

all of the schools were in session , it was crtical that the installation was

performed with minimal distraction and interruption. MCA succeffly completed the project on time

and with zero distractions to the students and faculty.