Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2021

November 23, 2021

​Last week, MCA celebrated National Apprenticeship Week (NAW), a nationwide celebration to showcase the opportunities that Registered Apprenticeships offer for Americans to develop workplace experience and skills that employers value.

Our first year celebrating NAW, MCA CEO Ricky Cortez kicked off the event discussing the importance of apprenticeship, and how now more than ever before we need technicians in the telecommunications industry.

With the telecommunications industry ever-evolving, so must our curriculum, a topic that David Galindo, MCA Safety and Operations Manager, spoke to. As the leader of our program, he shared how every day he is making changes to the curriculum, ensuring the content is as current and accurate as possible.

When discussing recruiting candidates for MCA’s Registered Apprenticeship Program, MCA’s Director of Professional Services, JP Betts, stressed how the program is a wonderful opportunity for anyone, no matter their background or previous experience. Everyone and anyone is encouraged to apply, whether they just graduated high school or recently served in the military.

Attendees also got to hear from a current apprentice candidate, Alexis Alvarado, who spoke about how the program personally impacted him. After serving in the military for a few years, Alexis joined MCA’s Registered Apprentice Program, which he shared has already given him many opportunities for growth in his career.

We want to thank everyone for coming to our event and learning more about our apprenticeship program, including James Carnes Sr. with the DOL Office of Apprenticeship.

We had a wonderful time discussing the importance of apprenticeship to us, our industry, and our community. We can’t wait to see everyone next year!

For more information regarding our apprenticeship program, including becoming a candidate, partnering with us, or hiring a graduate from our program, contact:

JP Betts
Director of Professional Services