Large Public Venues

Scalable Technology Solutions

The bigger the audience the bigger the role that technology plays in keeping them engaged.
From Hotels and Convention Centers to Stadiums and Arenas, MCA’s provides scalable solutions that are reliable and built to last. With our experience in working with high profile projects, we understand what it takes deliver the right solutions for Large Venues.

Solutions we provide

1 High Bandwidth Network Connectivity

The first step in building an effective communication system in a large venue is having a network backbone capable of supporting superior audio, data, video of all aspects and varieties, and numerous display technology systems. Our network connectivity solutions provides the bandwidth required by all of the systems and applications used by large venue facilities today and is scalable to meet the requirements for emerging systems.

2 In-Building Wireless and Distributed Antenna Systems

High-speed wireless coverage allows you to stay connected and enable communications in hard to reach parts of facilities. Our Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) solve coverage gaps inside your facilities and increase the reliability of cellular coverage in areas of your facility with poor coverage.

3 Presentation Systems

Functional conference centers and ball rooms are becoming one of the most important amenities for Hotels, Casinos and Convention centers. These systems need to be on the cutting edge of technology yet simple to use at the same time.

4 Digital Media

From digital signage to digital video and audio, digital art or augmented realities MCA’s solutions can combine high-resolution displays and network based media to provide informative and interactive media solutions for today’s polycentric society.

5 Networked Audio Systems

Hotels, Convention Centers and Casinos demands audio solutions that are scalable, flexible, reliable and easy to manage. We offer solutions that leverage the existing IT Infrastructure to increase flexibility and limit the need for extra cabling and dedicated rack space.