Transforming healthcare through technology

Technology is transforming health care in many ways. The biggest transformation in the next few years will come from making patients, doctors and health-care workers more collaborative. Providing the best possible patient care is dependent on the ability of healthcare providers to make important decisions quickly and without error. IT communications and collaboration technology can improve the overall efficiency of the healthcare facility.

From the IT Infrastructure to the products that patients and doctors interact with, we provide end to end solutions that improve the collaboration in the healthcare environment.

Solutions we provide

1 High Performance Network Connectivity Solutions

Having a network backbone capable of supporting the data, video, and numerous healthcare technology systems that now depend on the network is the first step in building an effective collaboration environment. Our high performance network connectivity solutions provides the bandwidth and signal performance required by all of the systems and applications used in healthcare facilities today and is scalable to meet the requirements for emerging systems.

2 In-building wireless and distributed antenna solutions

A wireless infrastructure solution allows doctors to work on the go and stay in communication with patients. For improved performance for both your cell phone and your cellular enabled tablet device we design and install solutions that provide capacity and coverage for every application — from the top floor to the lowest parking level. We will install a secure, cost-effective wireless network, providing uninterrupted access to voice, video, data, and applications regardless of physical location.

3 Innovative Collaboration Technologies

Collaboration begins when you can communicate with more than just voice or messaging. With our video conferencing and interactive smart boards, remote meetings become more effective and productive. We also allow for doctors to diagnose patients without having to be in the same room. From mobile and desktop solutions to training rooms and conference rooms we provide proven collaboration solutions that will improve the way hospitals function.

4 Digital Video Solutions

From the patient rooms to the operating rooms we provide digital video solutions specifically designed for the healthcare environment. Some of the applications that utilizing these solutions are, way finding in the lobby, digital signage through the facility, video streaming of internal and external webinars and medical grade high definition monitors for the operating room.

5 IP Paging systems and Nurse Call Systems

The healthcare environment demands audio solutions that are flexible, reliable and easy to manage. We offer solutions that leverage the existing IT Infrastructure to increase flexibility and limit the need for extra cabling and dedicated rack space.