Cost Effective Technology Solutions

Government IT organizations have the challenge of improving network performance and overcoming budgetary constraints at the same time. In today’s economic and budget uncertainties, government agencies need scalable, reliable, dependable, cost effective tools for critical communications. MCA’s technology solutions are key to satisfying the diverse needs of federal, state and local governments, while meeting their universal requirement for top-performance and reliability.

Solutions we provide

1 High Bandwidth Network Connectivity

The first step in building a cost effective communication system is having a network backbone capable of supporting multiple types of media distribution to limit the amount of technology infrastructure needed. Our network connectivity solutions provides the bandwidth and signal performance required by all of the systems and applications used in public facilities today and is scalable to meet the requirements for emerging systems.

2 In-Building Wireless and Distributed Antenna Systems

Having a backbone and wireless infrastructure capable of supporting data, voice, video and collaboration in local and remote environments with redundancy is key for most governmental and military institutions. MCA provides high performance networks that allow for scalable bandwidth requirement and reliability.

3 Video Deposition and Video Arraignment

Video arraignment is used by courts to cut inmate transportation costs, backlogs, and improve security. Reduced costs minimizes big guy/big budget claims from the opposition, eliminates teardown and set up interruptions, and the court usually smiles on these arrangements.

4 Network Operation and Control Centers

MCA can design and install state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to supporting the unique security and operational requirements of its federal government customers. This facilities include the technology and equipment to allow for real-time network monitoring of federal government customers' global network traffic day to day and in times of emergency.

5 Digital Media

If knowledge is power, deliver power to the people. Public forums, large meeting spaces and auditoriums demand technology that engages people onsite and around the world. Networked operations and control centers allow immediate, interactive collaboration during times of emergency while archival and streaming solutions broadcast real-time data and events for public consumption.