Audio Visual Solutions

Audio Visual As A Service (AVaaS)

Over the past 10 years, organizations and consumers have experienced the most rapid advancement, change, and emergence of technology solutions of every sort. From network infrastructure to audio visual solutions, to security systems. As the technology solutions landscape continues to evolve, the way consumers and organizations prefer to pay for those solutions is evolving as well. As an AV solutions consultant and provider that strives to meet customer needs while being cognizant of marketplace dynamics, MCA Communications offers an exclusive AV-As-A-Service (AVaaS) program.*

Technologies included in this Solution

  • Monitors/Displays
  • Interactive Boards
  • Speakers/Mics
  • Projectors
  • Cameras
  • Control Systems
  • Network Video Appliances

What is AVaaS?

Our AVaaS solution is a monthly subscription payment program to procure your commercial Audio Visual technology solutions. This program provides organizations with more control, flexibility, and peace of mind than any other payment option available, bundling your technology solution and support services into one convenient low monthly payment.

Key Features

Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG)

SRG is protection from being locked into technology that no longer serves your needs. If your solution lacks the ability to meet the needs of your business or becomes obsolete, you have the option to upgrade to a brand-new solution at any point during the term. Your existing contract is 100 percent forgiven without penalty fees or roll-over balances. Your contract is terminated and a new one is issued.

Easily Bundled Support & Maintenance

Always have protection. Lock-in the cost of our maintenance and support service agreement at today’s labor rates for the duration of your contract term. The monthly cost is bundled without finance charges into the same payment as your equipment.

Flexible End of Term Options

Evaluate your needs and usage of the technology at the end of your term. A lot can change in 3-5 years. You may need to upgrade technology, or renew with the SRG, or you may just want to return the equipment. You will have options that you can decide on at the end of the term.

Act of God Coverage

Protect your technology in the event of a natural disaster. Under your AVaaS agreement with us, we pay your insurance deductible, up to $5,000, if your equipment is damaged by a natural disaster; lightning, tornado, fire, etc.

Is AVaaS The Right Fit For You?

Contact us today to learn more about our AVaaS program.

*AVaaS is available to you in collaboration with our financing partnership with TAMCO.

Featured Manufacturers

TAMCO Shield

​TAMCO collaborates with MCA as their financing partner providing real AV as a Service solutions.